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Busy, busy, busy…


Life as a programmer for Kanga Communications is a little bit hectic right now. I just launched the website for a major provincial health region on Friday. I spent a few hours afterward attempting to bend Microsoft's Index Server to my will, which is what I'm using for the site search functionality. I also created the online job application for the site, as well as a few other bits. More updates are planned.


Almost everything I'm working on right now is moving to .NET. It's just soooo much nicer than PHP, which is what most of the projects at Kanga have been created with. The original version of an application I am building for the local Salvation Army was written in PHP, but after our last meeting I discovered that they run their internal servers on Windows 2000 with an MS SQL backend. Hmmm.... another opportunity to ditch PHP?

Open Source

Looks like I may be working on an exciting new app with a fairly prominent gnome hacker dude. We'll use Mono and GTK#, of course. More on this later...


Jackie rocks, I bought a new truck (1997 Nissan pickup, 4cyl, 4x4, etc), and I successfully kicked my parents out of *my* house ;)

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