this is a blog by Jeff Perrin, a software developer based in calgary alberta

I’m on Holidays!!!

Well, it's been almost a year since I was hired at Kanga, and I'm just now *finally* taking my first holiday. I'll be off for the next two weeks and will hopefully have some time to get out and do some boating. (It's been a while).

In addition to paddling, I've been working on a couple of coding projects that I'm going to try to release within the next week. One of them is my data persistence layer, which I've used in numerous projects for over a year. It's evolved to the point where a re-write was sorely needed.... Which is now almost completely finished. I've just imported the initial code to Sourceforge cvs, so it should be downloadable shortly:

In addition to the data persistence stuff, a more recent project I've been working on is a very simple xml-based web content mangement system. It generates site content and navigation based on a simple xml file, so there's no database setup needed. I'll provide more details once I've got a working site... I'll probably convert my personal homepage over to the new system once it's working.

Major Site Changes (Again!)

Major Site Update