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The interesting times I live in

Hmmm... where to start...

My house caught on fire three days ago. Nothing major, just a singed counter, cupboard, and ceiling. The culprit was a toaster oven that either spontaneously combusted in some way, or was left on by accident. My next-door neighbor was luckily sitting in her backyard, close enough to hear the fire alarm go off. If she wasn't there, I would probably still be wearing the same clothes and sleeping at my parent's house.

I was promoted to the position of "Co-Director" of our Application Services department at Kanga this past week as well, along with another dude going by the name of Buckles. I must say, it's nice to finally be recognized for some of the extra work I've put in over the past year.

Today I submitted my first ever patch to an open source project. The project is Blam!, an Rss Reader for Gnome, written in C# using the GTK binding on Mono. It wasn't accepted, but I'm happy anyways.

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