this is a blog by Jeff Perrin, a software developer based in calgary alberta

Latest Happenings

I've just started working on a new CMS web-app called... Yup, you guessed it... TestostelesCms! (I really have to work on coming up with some more original names). The basic design goals are as follows:

  • Author, Edit, Publish workflow on all pages. This is something that open source .NET CMS apps (like DotNetNuke) seem to be missing.
  • Full revision tracking capabilities. You'll be able to see all the past changes to a page, including who authored the change, and who approved it.
  • Role based access to content publishing channels
  • Open ended site design. I'll provide a set of useful custom controls that can be dropped on a page, including a bread crumb control, channel content listing controls, page content controls, etc. But other than that, the UI is up to the end-programmer. This will allow you to have a basic CMS, with separate pages for any wacky custom stuff you can devise.

I've worked with a few different CMS' in my time, including Microsoft CMS 2001 and 2002, DotNetNuke, Rainbow, OpenCms (Java), PhpNuke, etc. TestostelesCms will be an amalgamation of some of the concepts I've gleaned from these apps.

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