this is a blog by Jeff Perrin, a software developer based in calgary alberta

Site Changes

I've made a bunch of changes to this site, with the most obvious being the addition of a sidebar for links and other useful tidbits. Under the hood, the following changes were made:

  • I'm now using Scott Van Vliet's Search Engine Safe URL utitlity. It's a really nice little drop-in that automatically re-writes URLs based on your query string parameters. Now, instead of seeing a URL like Default.aspx?Section=Home, you'll see Default.aspx/Section/Home.
  • I wrote an OPML server control that translates an opml file into html. You can see this in action on the sidebar.
  • Major backend fixes and enhancements to TestostelesWeb, so I can now specify sort order for navigation links, and nest sections. The admin section was totaly re-done as well, and I'm using XStandard to generate content instead of FreeTextBox. Nothing against FreeTextbox, but XStandard guarantees strict xhtml output, which is crucial. I first found out about XStandard on Milan's excellent AspNetResources site.
  • The main feed for the site is now generated using NPlanet, which is a little feed aggregator I put together a little while ago that uses RSS.NET to combine a list of RSS feeds. NPlanet has since been rolled into TestostelesWeb.
  • I'm using output caching now. Can't believe I wasn't doing this earlier.

Additionally, I've tried to clean up my markup, based on the things I've learned since the last version of the site was completed in June. There's also a nice stylesheet for printing. Comments are welcome!

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