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I’ve Pimped My Blog

Well, after many hundreds of deleted comment spams, I've finally made the move from a really old version of .Text to Wordpress. I feel like this was a case where going with the status quo definitely pays off, as I'll be able to pull from the vast amount of material on the Web when I have issues now. Oh, and I can now moderate comments, which rules.

I've also completely updated the design (or as an art monkey designer like B-Rad would say, I've re-branded). The design has been around for over a year, so all that was left was to create a Wordpress theme out of it, which was pretty simple.

I also integrated my little Javascript code highlighter, which probably doesn't work in IE 6, but I'll fix that at some point in the future. It allows me to just paste code into a code element and have the text formatted and highlighted nicely.

It's definitely a work in progress. I only bothered importing about a quarter of my previous posts, and none of the comments. But now I have search!

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