this is a blog by Jeff Perrin, a software developer based in calgary alberta


As of last Friday, the first company to employ me as a developer has gone belly-up. Kanga Communications is no more.

I have many good memories of Kanga, especially in it's early days. I came on board as their third programmer in the summer of 2003, and had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects. If it wasn't for Kanga, I'd have never met a bunch of great people (Mike, Mila, Christophe, Chris, Ross, Brad, Barb, Linda, Miia, Nick, Darren, Ivan, The Hobbits, Giovanni, and many more). If it wasn't for Kanga, I wouldn't be where I am now; working on probably one of the largest agile teams in Calgary. It seems strange to think that a year ago, we were all part of a company of over 40 talented individuals, and now... Nothing.

It really makes you think.

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