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Endorsed by a Russian

My long quest to be personally endorsed by a Russian is now over. Too bad there's no link, and he's one company behind...

Witness. Also notice the extremely high ratio of strange names. In that one short list, we have one each of Egor, Igor, Yoko, and Elampoorani. Creepy.

I found this while performing some advanced ego searching techniques as I stay home from work today to avoid infecting the pod. (One definite downside to an XP project is the speed at which the little flu-nasties spread when you're hammering away at the same keyboard as someone else). Another thing I noticed today... The complete idiocy of feminine hygene product commercials is even more astounding than I'd previously thought. I just witnessed (not 5 minutes ago) a beautiful, healthy young lady save herself and her man-friend from certain death-by-drowning by utilizing her ultra-absorbent tampon to plug the leak in their boat. Yeah. I don't even know where to take that.

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